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Integrated auto attendant for MS48-ISDN telephone system.

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General Information

EVM48 is an integrated Auto Attendant for MS48-ISDN telephone system. It welcomes the incoming calls and guides the external caller till the destination with the help of pre-recorded messages, hence allows time saving and cost reduction.

As an option, EVM48 is ready to incorporate Voice Mail facilities which allow leaving and receiving voice messages to and from other extensions or external callers as well as recording external calls whenever required.

  • 2 channels for play-back and recording.
  • 2 minutes of auto attendant message storage capacity which can be expanded to 4 or 6 minutes via EVM-FL add-on boards.
  • Integration of Voice Mail via EVM-DL add-on boards. Each EVM-DL has 34 minutes of message storage capacity. At most 3 EVM-DL boards can be used to reach the maximum message storage capacity of 102 minutes.