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NET-CM+CON-MS CRL & Net Console Interface is the bundle of NET-CON Net-Console Interface and NET-CM Call Record Listing Interface for MS series (except for MS48-ISDN).

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General information

  • Integrates PC with MS Series telephone systems.
  • Allows transferring call records from MS Series telephone systems to any PC in the network.
  • Provides various reports and statistical information about call records and costs.
  • Can be installed in a TCP/IP network to allow multiple Net Console users and single Net-CM user at a time.
  • Net-Console is not available in MS26S. The NET-CM+CON-MS module can be used as NET-CM only for MS26S.

General features

  • Call handling through PC.
  • Monitoring all lines and extensions plus room status for hotel applications.
  • Access to voice mail messages.
  • Customized windows.
  • One click easy dialling from personal phone book.
  • Can serve upto 32 users.
  • Access to the details of call records including time, date, duration, number dialled, Caller ID information, starting / ending extension, line occupied, cost and call completion status.
  • Statistical information about call records and costs.