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MS128 telephone system offers solutions for mid-scale organizations that are looking for good quality systems at an affordable price with rich & user friendly features.

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General Information

  • Completely modular with 8 slots up to 128 ports capacity (4-20 lines, 12-124 extensions).
  • Expansion with 4-line/12-extension and 16-extension modules.
  • More than 100 programmable features including Least Cost Routing (LCR).
  • Flexible numbering plan.
  • Easy programming by PC or telephone.
  • Remote programming.
  • Rich set of accessories including different feature phones.
  • Polarity reversal and metering pulse detection.
  • Built-in battery backup.
  • Built-in fax router.
  • Built-in PC / Serial Printer Interface.
  • Internal melody generator.
  • External music interface.
  • Standard doorphone and door-opener interface.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 128 Ports (Max.) 4-20 Lines, 12-124 Extensions.
  • 8 Slots for 4/12 or 0/16 Expansion Boards.
  • Line Interface: Loop Start With DP/DTMF signalling.
  • Extension Interface: Station Loop 1200 Ohms Including Set.
  • Power: 230 VAC, 50 Hz; Built-in 24 V Battery Backup.
  • Power Consumption: 15-70W.
  • Environment: 0°C to 40°C; 20% to 80% Humidity.
  • Dimensions: 45.5x30x34.5 cm.
  • Weight: 16.6 kg (Max).

Add-On Features

  • Auto Attendant & Voice Mail – Automatically transfers the incoming calls to the extensions with the help of pre-recorded messages and allows leaving / receiving messages for all extensions and external callers.
  • NET-CM – Makes communication more efficient and economic by processing call records & giving statistical reports on any PC in the network.
  • NET-CONSOLE (CTI) – Incorporates CTI functions into the PCs in your network. Allows PC users to program and monitor all system parameters and at the same time process their calls via their PCs.
  • GSM Gateway – Cuts down your telephone bills by routing GSM calls to the GSM network.
  • CLID Unit – Supports both FSK and DTMF signalling in order to display Caller ID on operator consoles, feature phones, Net Console & Net-CM.
  • Feature Phones & Direct Station Select Modules – Special telephone sets and DSS modules which help their users to reach many features of the telephone system easily.
  • ISDN Adaptor – Allows the connection ISDN BRI (T0) lines to MS48S system. All extensions can facilitate from basic ISDN supplementary services.
  • Mini Printer – Keeps the records of all outgoing calls in detail in order to control the telephone expenses.
  • Doorphone – Lets you talk with visitors and open the door by simply pressing a code over the telephone.

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