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Caller ID Telephone

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General information

TM120 Caller ID Telephone is a unique product with its elegant and ergonomic design, functionality and handsfree option. TM120 Caller ID Telephone shows the calling party information on its alphanumeric screen.

  • CLID.
  • Phonebook for 20 records.
  • Name display for the calling numbers recorded in the phone book.
  • Handsfree use.
  • Alphanumerical screen.
  • Languages – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish.
  • 2 memory keys.
  • 4 special function keys for Dial, Mute, Flash and Redial.
  • Busy LED.
  • Display call duration, time and date.
  • Display and call-back last 20 missed calls.
  • Display & call back last 10 dialled numbers.
  • Voice Level Control.
  • Backlight.
  • 3 different contrast level.
  • Wall Mountable.
  • Tone (DTMF) Signalling.
  • Compatible with any kind of telephone exchange.
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