MS48IP telephone exchange.

Γενικές πληροφορίες

MS48IP is a telephone exchange which integrates the user friendly features of MS48C system with IP connectivity. MS48IP offers the advantages of IP communication to small-medium and prospecting companies. With MS48IP, it is possible to become an extension of the main exchange from any place where internet connection is available.Remote extensions can be connected to MS48IP over IP telephones, softphones, Wi-Fi phones, IP DECT phones or smart mobile phones with VoIP support over SIP compatible IP lines and extensions. Companies with multi-site locations can connect MS48IP exchanges to each other over IP and make phone calls with unique numbering plan. This will let them reduce their communication costs. With its modular structure and more than 100 programmable features, MS48IP is ready to serve its users with different requirements. In addition to its IP structure, MS48IP also detects Caller ID and transfers it to analog and IP extensions. MS48IP combines both IP and analog lines & extensions under its hybrid and modular structure. MS48IP covers the capacity range of 4 to 24 lines and 12 to 64 extensions.

MS48IP Meets different requirements with its expandable capacity. With unique numbering plan, users at distinct locations can easily communicate with each other as if they were in the same offices.
Enables connection to VoIP operators to minimize your communication costs. Supports both analog and IP phones for extensions. Makes users reachable from virtually anywhere and ensures uninterrupted communication.Enables remote users to stay connected via IP Phones, IP DECT Phones, Softphones, WiFi Phones, and Smart Mobile Phones with SIP support. Allows extensions to reach to remote IP/SIP users without VPN support. Makes visual communication possible with the help of video phones and softphones. Supports high voice quality on IP calls. Supports presence and instant messaging. Offers LCR as an efficient tool to choose the best operator and make cheaper phone calls automatically. Allows secure communication with its firewall.

  • Operator/Proprietary Telephone Sets: FT10, FT15.
  • Operator Telephone Sets: OP48, OP50.
  • IP Video Phones.
  • Direct Station Select Modules: DSS10-16, DSS10-18.
  • Standard Phones (SLT): Ladin, Fulya.
  • CLID Telephone Sets: TM120.
  • IP Telephone Sets: NT32I, IP111, IP116.
  • IP DECT (Base Stations can be connected to the exchange directly without any interface).
  • Softphones: YT101.